Because overall health is affected greatly through many different“interconnected” aspects, it is important to lend exploration and focus on one’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual space when healing and forward movement is the ultimate goal.

Coaching provides this platform of deep discovery and impetus for positive change while engaging in a pure supportive arena. Trust and accountability are crucial necessities and key elements requiring a high degree of emphasis should achieving optimal wellness be one’s chosen outcome.

Both coaching techniques offered are client-centered and collaborative … a relational “heart” approach is applied when working with my clients as a means of addressing the overall health and wellbeing of the “whole” person. As similar as both are, they do offer up differences in their applications and concentrations.

Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching in particular concentrates deeply on the aspects of mind, body, spirit and the impact of varying medical care approaches as they relate to the innate healing capacity within each individual. Along with an emphasis on self-care, Integrative Health Coaching is quite specific in direction and holistic definition of health (broadly defined as the 7 core areas: spirituality, resilience, environment, nutrition, movement, relationships and sleep) incorporating a range of conventional and non-conventional approaches in achieving better health. Client advocacy has become an integral part of this method of coaching.

Heart Coaching is just that … a journey and deep travel into the essence of the heart to remember the “truth of who you are and have always been”. It quarterbacks the spiritual healing and energetic work of the hands on treatments that are offered.

This coaching is an extension and continuation of the table work but just without the table – it is a perfect choice for those who are serious about their path of awakening and just need a little support to help with the continued progress forward in the process of integration. Heart Coaching is more spirit specific albeit fine-tuned in nature versus the more broadly defined areas of focus within that of Integrative.

Whether solo, together or combined with “hands on”, these modalities brilliantly shine and superbly navigate the waters as a lighthouse for the soul … all separate ingredients to a beautiful recipe of discovery, healing and self-growth, optimal health and wellness!



A spiritual counseling session is a perfect follow up to any of the above energy healing sessions. It provides feedback to the client regarding their spiritual journey as opposed to goal setting or strategic planning which would be more commonly experienced within the forum of other coaching platforms. This kind of session provides a safe space for an in depth exploration and integration of feelings while being guided and supported in
a movement forward!

ENLIGHTENED / GRATITUDE SESSION – 1hr 45 min – $170 2hr 30 min -$240

In this treatment session, the body will experience an energy healing in which all of the major chakras are tested and re-aligned – aura clearing and intuitive reading is offered to explain any spirit interpretations that may have come as a result of the work …


This is a soul level SPIRITUAL HEALING INTENSIVE that is typically reserved for the most “URGENT” and necessary shifts that are required in order to move through old wounds, perhaps abuse, health issues or anything potentially blocking the path that is in immediate need of removal. It may include some or all of the following depending on the situation being presented at the time of the session – intuitive reading, energy healing, karmic clearing and direct spirit channeling, removal of fears from limiting
belief systems, resolution of losses, soul retrieval.

DISTANCE HEALING – $120 per session

Once permission has been granted to enter the energy body, the chakras are tested and the energy bodies scanned before any healing energy is sent forth or transmitted. Once completed, all findings will be reported back to the client with the addition of any further instruction and or guided suggestion that may be useful to the healing.


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