Hello! I’m Cathy Matarazzo

Known to her clients and comrades as, “ The Heart Doctor”, Cathy Matarazzo is all heart.
Her private practice has been the beacon of light for thousands of people,
helping many to find soulful navigation through the waters of life for the past twenty five years.

First and foremost Cathy is a kind, generous, caring soul.
She is published writer, natural intuitive healer, peace minister and genuine love keeper.
It is through her treatments, at FREEDOMWAKE, Cathy shows
up in a way that will always awaken and serve the purest of clarity
and vision the heart is waiting to receive!

Her motto in life: “It’s only ever about the love people! There’s no time like
the present to remember the truth of who you are!”


So often I’m asked, what do you do?”… and my response is always, I’m a helper and a healer!
I help others to work through blockages pertaining to matters of the heart on a spiritual, mental and emotional level, which in turn helps them to heal physically. As we all know, our blockages
typically begin from within and where the mind goes, the body tends to follow. When it comes
to quality of life, stress is the number one, silent, antagonist of this story and comes in many forms
and for many different reasons, wreaking havoc on our bodies from the inside out.

The various treatments I offer at FREEDOMWAKE are active ways to evoke a more peaceful state of mind, coming to terms with the root of the blockage and once centered, the body is then able to receive the tools necessary for the healing on all levels to occur, leaving one with a deeper understanding, a sense of peace and self acceptance and awareness.

My mission is to enlighten the soul and revitalize the heart…


– In 1996 trained under Chin Chu and received her certificate of training in
Reflexology at the Winnipeg Reflexology Institute.

– 1998 – was certified through the London England Federation of Spiritual Healers.

– 2000 – opened up her own personal practice in Winnipeg, MB, where
she continues to this day to offer remote energy healing and coaching.

– 2001 – became a Certified Reiki Practitioner

– 2001 – beginning and advanced Intuitive Healing

– 2002 – pranic healing certification

– 2007 – certified as an Indian Head Massage practitioner.

– 2008 – ordained as a spiritual peace minister
through the Seminary of Spiritual Peace Making with James Twyman, where she received her masters of divinity and went on to become
a facilitator of the seminary program.

– 2009 – trained as a body sugaring practitioner.

– 2010 – Co-host on Blog talks Radio’s, Let’s Get Real with Warren Wojnowski.
www.blogtalkradio.com – Cathy’s published work can be found here.

– 2011 – published in the Womanition, Women in Progress magazine, Winnipeg, MB.

– 2012 – Cathy was published, along with a group of other chosen authors,
to share her insights in a book called, The Thought that Changed My
Life Forever, Authors Dr. Christian Guenette and Jillian Laura Roberts

– 2014 – Contracted at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, to provide Indian Head Massage
Treatments as part of a pilot project for the palliative staff with regards to learning self care.

– 2015 Spiritual Care Education Program Certificate

– A guest speaker at the Canadian Mennonite University on topics of Death, Dying and spirituality.

– 2017 – Integrative Health Coaching Certification from Nickerson Institute of Integrative Health Training.

– 2017 Meditation Instructor Training at Ngakpa Intl.

– 2018 Access Consciousness Certification

– 2019 (RHC) Registered Health Coach, Approved, (HCA) Health Coach Alliance Member

– RCRT – Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist

– 2021 Certificate of Transformation Meditation Teacher Training


I met Cathy Matarazzo soon after I took my own Indian Head Massage training back in 2014. I wanted to see what a professional session should look like, and wow did I get so much more then that!

Cathy took what – in my training – felt like a very clinical chair massage and turned it into a spiritual healing session, a deep meditation session and a healing experience.

She has transcended even the Indian street experience and created a multi level healing experience out of it which leaves you feeling completely safe during and absolutely changed after.

Thank you, Cathy, for being such a leader and healer in this medium.

– Gloria Laing
Reflexology Therapist, Indian Head Massage Practitioner,
Birth Doula, Informed Choice Advocate

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